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We get our hands dirty to advocate for both the investor and entrepreneur.


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Hands-on learning is better than classroom learning.

We're an experiential venture program, providing our students front row investing seats while working with some of the top venture funds in the world. We believing in walking the talk: throw our students in front of entrepreneurs, conduct diligence like an investor, and learn from actual investors.

Founded in 2023, Moso seeks to provide students with direct hands on learning experience that can't be found elsewhere in the Penn community.

We're in it for both the entrepreneur and the investor.

We provide our investors with a 6-person deal going out to source for the best companies based on their investment thesis.
Once we meet, we're your advocates... regardless if you're a founder or investor. We'll find a way to provide value no matter what.
We're committed to match the right company with the right investor.

We know there's a lot of noise, so we make sure to stay dynamic.

We stay proactive, bold, persistent to find the best companies.
We love to get face-to-face with founders with in-person sourcing.
We get inbound deal flow from our collegiate partners.

We're with you,
all the way.

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