Our Advantage

We leverage top talent to source for the best companies.

Top talent at your fingertips.

We have three main advantanges.




One to One



We are proactive, bold, and persistent. If we have conviction, we will do what needs to be done to meet with the entrepreneur. This could be reaching out to an employee if the founder doesn't respond, or tap into the Penn network to get in touch.

We work only with you and for you. Other organizations have one sourcing team to source for various venture partners. We have one dedicated team just for you. With time, they'll be an extra pair of hands to help you find the next big idea.

We have in-bound deal flow from our collegiate partners at other top schools like Harvard. If our collegiate partners sourced a company that wasn't the right fit,  we'll happily look at those companies and add them into our pipeline.

Meet our exceptional team.

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